The Journey:

My goal is to inspire others to learn what it really means to be healthy, happy and well. It is an individual journey and each person’s path is unique and empowering. At Simply Health we encourage individuality and create a program that is sustainable. We look at all aspects of your life to see how they are connected and help you to create balance between your nutrition, physical exercise, personal growth and development, relationships, physical environment and mind-body connection. Link to wellness wheel see below the one I made and the one I like and want to copy but make my own?

Be Happy Be Healthy Be Well!!!

My Story:

I’m Susan Rosenbach a certified Health and Wellness Coach and the proud owner of Simply Health.

I graduated from Cornell University in 1986 with a Bachelor of Science in Hotel Administration and continued onto New York University where I received a Masters in Counseling in 1991. For 22 years, I was a full-time mom to my three amazing children. Leading a healthy life and my passion for helping others have always been important aspects of my life.

In 2014, I completed a program through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN). Through this program, I deepened my knowledge of and passion for nutrition, health and wellness. I decided that in order to truly help others I needed to further my education and received a Masters degree in Health and Wellness Coaching with a concentration in Nutrition from Maryland University of Integrative Health in 2015. In June of 2019 I passed the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching exam given by the National Board of Medical Examiners to become a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach through the National Board For Health and Wellness Coaching.

My journey began long ago when I learned that I needed balance in my own life. I realized intrinsically that a holistic approach towards health and wellness was essential for my well-being. This meant creating steadiness amidst exercising, eating healthy, setting personal goals, maintaining healthy relationships, crafting a warm and inviting home and understanding my mind-body connection.

Throughout my life, I have struggled with a weakened immune system. It has affected me in two ways: I suffer from severe and chronic hives and angioedema, and 12 years ago I was diagnosed with an indolent (slow growing) lymphoma. This was the catalyst that altered my life’s path. As a family we moved to vail, Colorado to live a more stress free and health conscious existence. In conjunction with the move, my family and I began to follow a whole foods diet. We are a family that loves delicious, nutritious food and enjoys spending time being outdoors and active together. By living this health aware lifestyle, we all feel stronger and happier and my lymphoma numbers keep improving.

This journey led me to realizing if I could just Be! then I could tackle all I was faced with. On certain days I would tell myself to Be! Grateful, or Be! Brave. This strategy has helped me tackle many of life’s challenges. I am deeply grateful that I have found my calling and that I can share my knowledge and expertise as a coach to help others find their own balance and to Be! Healthy, Happy and Well.