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Welcome to my website, I look forward to going on a journey with each and every one of you, that will lead you to being healthy, happy and well. An important part of the journey is learning what in our lives causes us to go out of balance and the best ways to re-establish our equilibrium.

One-on-One Coaching

Simply Health offers one-on-one coaching sessions in person or over the phone. Sessions provide coaching necessary for positive and lasting change. The sessions include:
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About Us

I graduated from Cornell University in 1986 with a Bachelor of Science in Hotel Administration and continued onto NYU where I received a Masters in Counseling in 1991. For 22 years, I was a full-time mom to my three amazing children.
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Family Health and

Change can be challenging yet if you go about it as a “team” the probability of success is greatly improved. The first step would be to assess your needs, declare your goals.
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Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness presentations and programs to:
Increase productivityBoost energy, focus, mood and morale Reduce stress Promote teamwork and community.
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Healthy Breakfast on the Go!

Be! Nutritious

Susan of Simply Health and Brenda Buglione, of Snow Motion on Fox Sports Net, discuss the most effective ways to nourish your body before a big day of activity. Watch the video for nutritious breakfast ideas to jump start your metabolism and provide you with the energy needed to tackle your day.
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May 18, 2020

It’s Monday, don’t let Covid get you down

Be! Motivated, set goals for each day and the week. Here are some great goals to set to keep you focused and take care of yourself, if you don’t like…
May 8, 2020


Be! Resilient, Be! Strong, Be! Gritty CRUSH COVID-19 I can’t speak for everyone out there but for me this has been a challenging yet rewarding time. As a health coach…
January 18, 2020

Healthy breakfasts on the go!

Healthy Breakfast on the go! I am deeply excited about being a part of Snow-Motion and doing health tips for this television show. The first episode was “Healthy Breakfast Before…