Be! Resilient, Be! Strong, Be! Gritty


I can’t speak for everyone out there but for me this has been a challenging yet rewarding time.
As a health coach I am supposed to know the best way to handle things and maintain balance in my life. There are simply days that are very tough. For me I have 3 adult children back living and working from home and a bonus adult, my daughter’s fiancée. The world and everyone’s lives seems topsyturvy, so how do we maintain balance in our lives when everything is askew? I’m going to give you some food for thought and let you know what I have been doing to maintain my equilibrium. Check out the helpful links in each section.

Be! Motivated – make sure you are accomplishing things. Whether it be exercising, work or projects around the house – stay motivated – get things done!
I launched my website, I am exercising daily and reading at least a chapter a day.

Be! Mindful – take the time to take care of yourself, condition your hair, clean out your closet or just simply sit quietly – meditate! With so many adults in my house I was finding it quite stressful, I downloaded the app CALM on my iphone and I have been meditating 10 minutes a day and using their bedtime stories when I wake up in the middle of the night and cannot sleep.

Be! Nutritious – We are what we eat, so if we are eating junk food and foods high in sugar we will not be at our best. Try your best to eat lots of fruits and vegetables, healthy proteins and avoid processed foods or foods high in sugar.
With so many people to cook for it gets challenging, we make sure we have lots of fresh vegetables and healthy protein in the house so we can maintain our health and not gain weight.
This might also fall under, Be! Motivated, my husband and I have been creative in the kitchen and have challenged our culinary prowess.

Be! Active – During this stressful time in all our lives releasing endorphins has never been more important.
Exercising is imperative to help deal with stress, manage our weight and improve our overall health. There are so many amazing apps to use right on your phone check out peloton, the sculpt society, core power yoga and so many more. I am a big fan of peloton because it offers me run work outs, spin, yoga, body strength, and so much more. Or just go outside put your headphones in and walk.

Most importantly – Be! Healthy, Be! Happy, Be! Well

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